Fuck Tumblr

I LOVE honest people, people that are themselves, people that live for themselves, people that just be, people that are really talented, people that are stoked, people that are into really cool things, rich people because well we all want to be rich, strange people, people that are strangers, people that smile at strangers, people that compliment strangers, people that take risks, people that blaze trails, wise people, people that care for me and the world, people with passion, people going places, people who cry for the beauty of the world, people who do shit, people with two X chromosomes who have hearts that haven’t turned cold

I HATE people that try to emulate other people, people that won’t take your recommendations, people who take the same recommendations because someone cooler said it, people that don’t trust you, people that won’t let you have a good thing, people that never give you credit, people that try to fucking relate to you by bringing you down in the hole they are in, people that beg for attention, people that will take your soul until you’re dry, people that lie, people that lie, people that lie, people who only look good for others, people that will chase down other people until the world stops turning, people that won’t call you back, people that don’t recognize good friendship, people that don’t remember your birthday, people that let their yes mean no and vice versa, people who are just too cool for school, people who talk the talk and bitch out, people who pretend to be something they aren’t, people in bands to pick up chicks, pretentious people and people who lie.

I’m equally surprised and disappointed by people. So I’m leaving Tumblr